Panorama of Takefu

From the top of my mountain--you'll need to scroll to see the whole thing. On a clearer day, one can say several more layers of mountains behind those visible here.

Close(r)-up of Manyo and mountains beyond
Close-up of this section of the view
Behind Mt. Murakuni, you may just be able to see a larger mountain in the distance. This is Hakusan, our local active volcano (not terribly active lately, just not dead). On very clear days it is quite visible from the highway to work (the diagonal road funning from the front to the left of Mt. Hino). It's about 80 km away, in neighboring Ishikawa prefecture, and it stands 2702 m (about 8800'), and it is already beautifully snow covered. Even from Takefu, the crater looks huge--when it blew, it must have been pretty impressive.


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