To: Newsletter
From: Peter Rivard
Subject: Japan in a nutshell

From The article goes on to note that Sapporo's new stadium will be used three times. In fact, 8 of the 10 built in Japan will have no real use after their three or four World Cup games. Since they will exist and will have to be justified, a few events here and there will be moved into them, but those will always be things that could have been held elsewhere. It's hard to believe that anyone thought that each game in Sapporo would bring in more money than the $133 million per game the government spent on the stadium. Note that Japan had the developed world's highest per-capita debt before all this; but even if most people here starve to death, the real constituency of the Japanese government, the construction company heads and mobsters, will have been well served by this project. Anyways, this article shows the attitude that has led to the amount of concrete per unit of land area to be over 1000 times higher in Japan than in America (this is a true statistic, by the way).



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