Mon Aug 07 18:28:29 2000
To: rho, john
From: "Peter M. Rivard"
Subject: Stuff in your apt.

Hey, guys,

      I'm sorry to have left everything in such a mess. I can't even describe what a misery that last week was.

.                                    .                                    .

Your other bit of help to me, Honey II the beanie beastie, has earned a place of honor in my tiny little room. She's a comfort to me, to be sure, but without the hissing and shitting that made the original so charming. I'm out in the rice, so the dominant sounds here are humungous cicadas and rice paddy frogs (no, not little Frenchmen hiding just under the muck, waiting to strike down evil environmentalists). It's hot as hell, but I'm enjoying it so far. I'm looking forward to starting work in a few weeks, though, so I'll have something to do. Now, I occasionally go into work just to engage in those wonderful, mutually uncomfortable smiling and bowing contests with my coworkers. They seem nice, though, and the teachers' room is air-conditioned, and my desk has a nice view of what is claimed to be the biggest mountain in the prefecture, but even a look around the valley shows bigger mountains all around, so it may be just the biggest mountain in the city. Sometimes, it's a bit lonely in my little flat, but I'm spending a lot of time with the other JETs, and I'm getting a lot of studying and writing done.

      I hope all is well. Rho, your postcard from the AIDS ride was the first piece of mail I got here. I assume you finished the last day, so congrats on an IV-less week and a job well done.


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