Subject: All God's Odors

Hi, all,

So I'm at the big town track meet, having walked over with the kids from Manyo but spending time with the kids from Go-chu. Go-chu's much smaller, so they all fit under the tent roof, but the Manyo kids are all spread out on the lawn between the Manyo and Go-chu tents. Of course, with hundreds of kids out in the open, a fierce rainstorm is almost obligatory, and nature is nothing if not obliging. Hundreds of wet, miserable, suddenly cold kids not allowed to get up and go back to school, viewed from the dry comfort of the neighboring tent ("hmmm, why doesn't Peter-sensei come over and keep US company," the wet ones wonder). Then, it hits me: when I go back to Manyo after the meet, it will be unbearable, because of all the stinks in the world nothing is worse than WET TEENAGER.



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