To: newsletter
From: "Peter M. Rivard"
Subject: mash note--addendum

      Whoops. As I was waiting for my computer to dial in and send my last email, I started to shore up the cardboard Jack O'Lantern, and I found another note curled up and stuck in among the leaves. This is the one from Yoshiko, Junka's collaborator:

DEAR Peter,

Hello. Thank you for your confectionery
(a KitKat bar; gotta love those fresh-from-the-dictionary words). It is good. I like confectioneries. How about you? Please enjoy HALLOWEEN. I want to know about HALLOWEEN. I want to go to America. Tell me about your country. I like English. But I can't speak it well. So I study English. How is your hunny? (long arrow leading to drawing of hedgehog at bottom of page)

See you again

(smiley face)

      Maybe for people who don't know me I should explain that Honey is the name of my hedgehog back in America. I just found out that she died recently, but I haven't told the kids that (they really fell for her when they saw her picture).


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