Life in Takefu
Carrying the mikoshi in the Shirayama Hakusan Matsuri! 10/13/2002
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a new type of good taste
Soja Matsuri September 2000
My mansion
Waterfall and sunset in Ikeda
Leaf in pond at Murasaki Shikibu Park
Shirayama at Dawn August 2002
The Echizen Coast
Hakusan Shrine in Nakai-cho, Takefu

Jiso statues guarding the trail
Panoramic View of Takefu

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These are from the mountain behind my house, Miyohoji-yama
Temple at the top


More pictures of Mt. Miyohoji
Spring for ritual cleansing along the path, halfway up. It was destroyed by a falling tree later that day or the next. 1/14/2001.
This was about halfway through a five-day blizzard that dropped 4-6 feet of snow on different parts of Takefu.

3 episodes of my favorite Japanese comic strip, Sazae-san
The Great Leonid Meteor Storm of `01
Kura (storage building) near Manyo--click here for pictures of more old buildings in the area (and pictures of Fukui from space).
Fire protection. God help us. Japan lovers, note the color of the license plate.
With my friends from Hello World
Mizoguchi-san, Sexboy's mom and my favorite barkeep, with Eri-chan, the mascot of Inaho, the best bar in Shirayama. I like all the Mizoguchis.
New Year's Party at Shibata-san's House
Some older shrines are held up and protected from the elements by newer structures (the bark roofs are fragile and hard to replace these days). Click and you can see the old shrine inside. This is in Ikeda. Most shrines that need help just have a little bit of scaffolding--this is the most extreme example I've seen.
A boy from Echizen
Inside Go-ou Shrine in Fumuro-cho, Takefu
Jiso in the forest near Fumuro-cho


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